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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only work on the Mornington Peninsula

The general rule we try to restrict our constructions site to the Mornington peninsula area. This enables us to keep strict watch on the job progress and the quality and making sure that our  processes are followed

Do I need plans for can you help me with Design

We're really passionate about design and would be excited to help someone come up with the best plan for their project. We have in-house experience with design, drafting and 3D modelling. But if we felt that your particular job required a different level of expertise we will be quick to put you towards either the correct Draftsperson or Architect. We will then work in partnership with them to ensure that your design they are able to fit your final budget

Can I do some of the work myself

If you are a registered or licensed building professional then we would be happy to consider collaborating on some aspects of a project but generally due to the challenges created in warranty and quality control this is not a preferred method of operating

What can I do to keep costs down

In a our experience it comes down to early communication and planning. Getting the right advice from those early steps can lead to a lot of money saved. Too many times people come to us with completed plans drawings engineer permits ready to go but it's absolutely clear to us that they do not have the budget to complete the tasks. This is why it's so important  to  invest in a building professional honestly help create a design and budget  to suit you.

Do you build on steep sites

Yes we are fully experienced of building in all conditions that you might experienced on the Mornington Peninsula and beyond

Do you build in bushfire zones

 Much of the Mornington Peninsula is designated as a bushfire zone and we have extensive  experience in building in some of the most extreme environments

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