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Refresh and Refocus

We often love where we live. Perhaps we know all  the neighbours, enjoy beautiful views, we could be close to shops or beach or perhaps its just good memories

But the home is tired having done a lifetime of work Or the family has grown and it no longer suits modern lifestyle. Or maybe it's too small, too dark


 Then a well-planned well designed built renovation / extension can be the answer


I can give you 3 reasons that make renovation so attractive


  • You already know great things about this particular location, for example, how the light falls in the morning or evening. Is there a noisy neighbour or road So the design will the renovation extension can be tailored with this extra insight


  • A new build garners an incredible amount of tax  for the government. Apart from the tax paid personally by the builder and his trades, your new home home will attract 10% GST. If you are selling your current home and then buying land to build new then you're going to pay an agent fee on the sale  as well as stamp duty on the land purchase 


  • You can avoid having to pack up everything play into storage and pay for a rental for the term of the build and then unpack everything into the new place. With a well planned renovation or addition it may be possible to remain in your current home well the renovation is done.  At the very least the time out of the home can be reduced and many items remain stored on your site


Reach out to me to arrange a site meeting and I would be happy to look answer


Can program of construction to see if that is possible

Is my home worth renovating

What steps you need to take to breath new life into you current home


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