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Systems for Success



Initial Contact and Consultation

Clients contact NIVEN BUILDERS via our online PROJECT EVALUATION FORM, and this is followed up with a friendly phone call from our team to discuss the project and arrange an initial meeting.


Assessment and Collaboration

  • Meet with Peter Niven—Our Licensed Builder meets with you to ensure we clearly understand your vision, requirements, and preferences.

  • Emphasis is placed on our collaborative work style, ensuring the client feels heard and valued.

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Design Proposal and Presentation

  • PETER NIVEN, Your Local Builder leveraging his 40 years of experience in the industry with 100s of happy clients, presents a detailed design proposal.

  • The proposal emphasizes our use of innovative design, premium products, and skilled local tradespeople to achieve the best results.


Transparent Communication & Decision-Making

  • Establish a transparent communication channel utilizing email, our company web portal, and other messaging services preferred by the client.

  • We encourage open lines of communication, allowing clients to make informed decisions, whether on-site or virtually.



Project Commencement and Timely Updates

  • Once the project begins, could you provide regular updates on the construction progress via daily and weekly logs?

  • We invite you to have regular, guided site visits to let you enjoy the progress of your progress and see the built-in quality.


Quality Assurance and Guaranteed Results

  • We implement our rigorous 300-point quality assurance checks throughout the construction process.

  • Using the best quality products and the expertise of the longstanding team to guarantee exceptional results.



Flexible Project Management

  • We can showcase our flexibility by pointing to our experience working on various projects, including steep rocky sites and transforming old shacks into beautiful homes.


Completion and Post-Construction Support

  • Upon completion, celebrate the successful project and hand over a home that brings pleasure and pride to the client.

  • Emphasize NIVEN BUILDERS' commitment to long-term support, ensuring client satisfaction even after the project is complete.

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